The Copy is Never as Good as the Original

Most of you have heard me say, “It’s great to customize your life; but you better know who you are… or you will likely try and be someone else.”

Why does this happen?

It can happen many times simply because we do not value ourselves as much as we “perceive” the value of someone else. Usually based on “success” or influence, or performance… basically based on what someone “brings” to the table.

The reality is, when we observe such people, we have no idea how they are actually living their lives, what their issues, struggles and trials are; we simply observe the outermost persona of the person, compare ourselves to a whole picture on our end, and see ourselves as something less then they are.

This happens regularly especially in certain competitive environments. I have gone down this road myself in my own journey. I wanted to be just like a leader in my life. So I copied the way he dressed, the way he talked, mannerisms and sayings, and tried to become a viable “copy” of Rich Galloway. I remember showing up at events and other leaders chuckling at me saying, ” oh for a minute there I thought you were Galloway…. same outfit top to bottom.”

I would laugh that off as I was still in a place of not knowing fully who I was, and what I brought to the table. I became a copy of the original; and we all know, a copy is never as good as the original. I still didn’t know that the original “me ” was who was supposed to be showing up. I didn’t perceive that I had value to contribute.

This would take several years of coming into my own, learning my intrinsic value, shedding my false self, and realizing that I am the only original “me”. Then I could “see” my own strengths, my giftings, my talents, my temperament, personality, purpose and calling… all things God had placed in me from the beginning.

I realized I didn’t need to be a copy of someone else, I needed to be the “real me”. Once I knew who that was by shedding the masks asn the false self, I was “free to be” the one, the only, original me. Made in the image of God.


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