If You’re Loaded with “Issues”… “Iss -You!”

Recently my friend Pastor Mike Signorelli said in a message, “if you’re surrounded by issues… “iss-you!’

How true this can be. If I am insecure for example, I am hypersensitive to what people say or even infer. Especially if I am an un-healed Melancholy or Supine! I can read into anything a negative and personal slant that I receive as an insult, judgement, attack, dig or anything. Then I will dwell on it and it will start to define me negatively, and as a man thinks or believes in his heart, so he is.

I am now defined by “issues” that I have that set me up for accumulation of more and more issues that continue to define me. This was me! All this was unbeknownst to me. I was blinded by my fears and insecurities not knowing who I was. Everybody else “got it” but me. I perpetually disqualified myself, blaming everything and everybody, not realizing it was me.

I had issues alright… “it was me.”

After receiving help in the journey and starting to walk a life of vulnerability, accountability, honesty with myself and others, and most importantly, knowing God and my own intrinsic value, I found my “issues” dissipated. I was no longer a “volunteer victim”. My issues were not you, or the circumstance. I was no longer a “victim of circumstance.” I no longer had to deflect my fears and anger back to someone else to protect my broken image of me. Thos by the way, is called “freedom”.

Freedom to be. Freedom to become. Freedom to love and be loved. Freedom to not be offended at nearly everything and everybody.

So, if you find you always have “issues” with people and things, take a look at you and see if you can find similar things in yourself that might be the real cause of your issues.


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