The Process Goes Public!

A long time coming… The Process is indeed a proven strategy for creating emotionally healthy relationships.

Virtually 30 years in the making and now, my follow up book is now under construction as well! “The Process: The First 40 Days-And Beyond. A daily reader/journal offering helping anybody begin the process in their own lives. For ultimate results, you’ll need a mentor, counselor or coach to walk out the journey, but this is a tangible, all in one daily, then weekly journal/reader to companion you as you begin. So excited!

I hope, if you are reading, or have read The Process, that you are engaging in the journey. Don’t forget, it’s not a destination, it’s a journey. Keep an eye on these daily posts/emails to continue helping you journey well!

Finally, the Process itself is the embodiment of a lifestyle paradigm shift.  A shift away from being reactionary in terms of the counseling experience; meaning waiting for things to break and then we attempt to fix them…to engaging in a process of perpetual transformation, growth and maturity through mentorship and accountability; anticipating problems just because that’s the nature of life, and engaging in a journey orientation that builds into itself, mechanisms, accountability and mentoring that equips you throughout the journey of life.

Here is an excerpt:

“Most of us have read or taken part in programs or “systems” that focus on the external characteristics of good, strong, capable, effective, or otherwise successful leaders. These programs, in my experience, usually prove challenging for those who try put them into practice. Why? Because these externally oriented, tactical “leadership programs” many times fail to take into account the reality that true leadership always expresses itself from the inside out.

Whenever there are business and executive failures, these arise not because a leader didn’t know the right tactics, not because the person didn’t know how to get the job done, but rather because of an internal gap or disconnect of some kind.  Most leadership “systems” simply ignore this fact.

We say that a leader who fails the team and the organization does not “walk his or her talk.”

What we mean is, there’s a lack of congruence between the inside of the person in the outside expression of leadership.

Time after time, we see that when there is a failure of leadership, there is this tension between what the person says he or she values …. and what he or she actually values in practice, as reflected in the world of action and choice. I call this the gap between Values (that which we say guides us) and Virtues (that which truly defines us to the outside world, namely our actions).

The kinds of leadership problems I am talking about may express themselves as greed, self-seeking, a lust for power, a willingness to manipulate, blame, persecute, or mislead others, and in any number of similar areas. These are, fundamentally, issues of morality. They are not instances of incomplete education or undeveloped talent in certain narrowly defined skill areas. They are signs of a deficit in the leader’s emotional and spiritual health. They are signs that there is something missing inside.

I believe that this disconnect between our stated Values and our evident Virtues is, fundamentally, a moral problem … a disconnect between behaviors that support us as moral beings and behaviors that don’t. Such moral disconnects carry, for me and for the people I coach , counsel, or mentor, a clear spiritual dimension.”

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B. Hoffman

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