No Bad Days

Recently my daughter Rebekah sent me this card… No Bad Days… along with a thoughtful small gift that she got for me… as it reminded her of me.

These are the small things in life that remind us that if we allow our hearts and mind to focus on the good, God and others, that we see the “good” in all things.

Of course we are all going to have “bad days”, so how then can we have a posturing that says “No Bad Days”?

It’s a frame of mind and a disposition of the heart that you adopt sometimes every moment. God is able to open our minds and heart at any moment to show us this truth. All things will pass, the good, the bad, all of it. We can find an eternal perspective that aids us in choosing where to focus our hearts. Just because something bad happens, it does not need to define my entire existence, unless I allow it to.

I’m not talking about becoming “comfortably numb”, (though that’s one of my favorite songs ever). Or going into denial, or coping and hoping, merely tolerating, or any other number of coping mechanisms. No… it’s finding a ruthless trust, (in God), that all will be alright, even though I may walk through even a prolonged difficult time, (the valley of the shadow of death), nothing lasts forever.

But why is it so hard to find this place of release? I do believe a key reality is Trust. If I do not trust that there is a bigger reality than me, another, a circumstance, etc. there is only me and the circumstance. We want to control outcomes, we want “everything to be OK” all the time, we do not want our “comfort zones” disrupted. But these realities will happen. And consequently, we begin to say things like, “I can’t wait till this is over and I can get back to ‘normal’.” So how do we live “in the mean time” (everything is in the mean time).

But life itself is normal and includes interruptions, pain, inconvenience, death.

Brennan Manning puts it this way in his book “Ruthless Trust”:

“The music of what is happening can be heard only in the present moment, right here, right now. The word “nowhere” is compiled of two words, “Now” and “Here”. To be fully present to whoever or whatever is immediately before us, is to pitch a tent in the wilderness of “Nowhere”.

It is an act of radical trust – trust that God can be encountered at no other time and in no other place than the present moment. Being fully present in the now is perhaps the premier skill of life.”

“When my mind is replaying past glories or imagining unknown tomorrows, the music of what is happening now is muted. When I spin fearful scenarios of what the future may hold, my fear and agitation prohibits any awareness of the living present.”

So the thing that will steal away the peace of living in the present “No-Here”, is destination orientation. When this is over, when I get there, when I attain this, when this stops, when I am better, “when and then”….

There are No Bad Days right now. Someone else is going through a whole lot worse than I am right now… I will pray for grace for them in their bad days to find the Peace of God that passes understanding.

Misty Edwards said it well: “Though I walk through the valley, it’s only a Shadow.” (Only a Shadow – Misty Edwards)


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