Milestones in Recovery

What are some ways we can “track” our movement in a process of recovery or change? One of the biggest pitfalls I see in people engaged in the process, is that they do not track their growth. They do not “forward journal”, adding growth goals into the equation of seeing the areas of progress, and the areas continuing to need attention in the journey.

Here are some “milestones” to be looking at to gauge your movement.

These are simple milestones that we can reflect upon to see the effectiveness of our work in our particular process. One that is not listed here is “how am I learning to surrender my “progress” to God… meaning, I am not “striving” to change, I am surrendering more and more in the process, so that He can effect the change in me. How am I doing in resting in this reality, thus walking in more peace, and becoming more the genuine me?

Keep in mind, journaling basically should include 3 main areas:

  1. Archeological Journaling – Uncovering trauma, scripts, unforgiveness and judgements.
  2. Present or day to day journaling: tracking progress, noting success and failures in the process so you can learn from them.
  3. Forward Journaling – or Future Journaling: What are my emotional and spiritual goals moving forward?

If you do not journal, it’s nearly impossible to track progress, note important milestones, and work toward goals in a the most effective way.

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