“Being, Becoming and Peace”

I really appreciate Dr. Nicole’s insights as they line up so much with the work that we do at EIS.

When we engage in a process of transformation, as I posted the other day, there are signs of recovery and healing that we can look out for. As we grow, and relieve ourselves from our past trauma and pain, we can begin to actually function in more healthy fashion, becoming free to “be” the genuine person we were created to be… then, we can become all we were meant to be, including realizing our purpose and why.

If you read these blogs regularly, you know that we focus alot on “purpose” and knowing our why. We talk about purpose not being an “external” reality, but rather an internal reality. For example, our purpose begins with the ability to be genuine, emotionally and spiritually healthy human beings who are so in touch with their true selves, (and no longer living out of their false selves), that they have the peace that we spoke about in yesterday’s post, that produces a rest from stiving, etc. that lead to having joy, not mere happiness. (Joy is internal depending on our spiritual centering, happiness depends on circumstance or externals).

Then and only then will we be positioned to discover all that God has for us that will expose our gifts, talents, and no need to strive, compete, etc as we are functioning they way we were designed to and in vocations that fit our gifts and talents. This is how you can discover true prosperity, not just “success”.

A contributor poses this question:

“I would like to ask a question. Is prosperity dependent on the way we treat people? I would believe so, after all the better we treat people, the better we can work together, connect and network. I believe situations like these are the places where God begins to open doors for opportunity. “

When you live out of your center, your peace, your joy and your centered self, you will treat others the way you would like yourself to be treated. So self care is necessary to be able to care for others. Utilize the tools of the process as we mentioned yesterday like the journaling aspects and others. Engage in the process with a mentor, counselor or other accountability person so that you can have confidence in the journey.

As my friend Julie Signorelli said:

“Process with Progress will allow you to love every version of yourself.”

Love your neighbor as yourself.


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