The Rest of Peace

Not “Rest IN Peace… The Rest OF Peace. What do I mean?

God tells us the He offers the “peace of God that passes understanding”. This implicates a deep peace that we cannot think our way into, conjure up on our own, or gain externally. No, peace, in God’s economy is something that He offers to anyone who truly puts their trust in Him. A real trust, not an intellectual trust that says, “oh yes… I trust God… He knows what he is doing”, but then does their own thing and kind of hangs on, worries, makes things happen, and hopes it all works out in the end.

If they do, we will thank God, after all our fretting, trying to figure it out, etc. This is not real trust. Real genuine trust in God will give you peace. Peace in knowing who I am, at my center. Knowing I am made in His image and I do not have to be anything different than who I am, and don’t have to do anything to gain His peace, but trust. It’s dependent on Him, not my ability to get it.

Then, when we cultivate this place, we find… REST. It is a “fruit”, or result of having and being at peace. We stop striving, worrying, trying to direct our entire lives. We stop being as angry, touchy, bitter, etc.

The Process, as we have been talking about will help you in this pursuit. For example, through the forgiveness and releasing of judgements, you become free from the controlling bitterness and resentment that can weigh us down. We don’t expend wasted energy on proving ourselves, pretending, and keep up our false selves, because we know who we are, and that we stand as forgiven by God. And, “he who has been forgiven much, loves much.” for example.

Here is a quote from my new book, “The Process” –

“There’s something about the act of taking personal responsibility and releasing people from judgement that means we are no longer bound to those judgements. Jesus told us not to judge because the judging can come back on us: “For you’ll be judged by the same standard that you’ve used to judge others. The measurement you use on them will be used on you” (Matthew 7:2, the Passion Translation).

There is always suffering under the weight of judgement. The suffering always takes place in our own hearts. We may cloak it with various disguises (self-righteousness is a popular one) but the suffering always remains—until we forgive and release judgment.

This is not some mysterious or ethereal principle we’re talking about here. It’s a simple fact. When we take on the personal responsibility to release someone from a position where we have been blaming them, we simply remove something that was dysfunctional. It’s like taking out the garbage.”

As we clean out the “garbage: in our hearts, it removes the heavy weight on our hearts and can free us to discover ourselves in a new light… free to “be”, and become our genuine selves, at peace with God and ourselves, and able to emotionally and spiritually “rest”. Not controlling, stiving, keeping up the false self, over-thinking, etc.

Discover the Peace, enter the rest.


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