Value and Values

How do we establish values? Where does it begin? Do we adopt them from an external source like a job, a social group, a church? Or do they realy come from within?

I would suggest that it is both/and. Why?

We may come into an environment where certain values are presented, or I may have some religious values that may or may not make any sense to me or have any immediate connection vitally to my current reality. Nevertheless they are values, a driving force that keep us in a moral direction, for example that works for me and the community. Not only that, if I adhere to these values from my heart, they can become “mine”, in the sense that they become virtues.

So what then can the difference between value and value(s) be?

I need to know my intrinsic value. My core of who I am will dictate my propensity to either lean into a set of values that can become virtues, or steer away from them, for example, through disqualification.

If I do not value myself, it will ultimately be impossible for long to adhere to a set of adopted values let alone have them evolve into virtues. Therefore, as we discuss many times in the same vein, to know purpose and why, we need to know our value given by God. If we don’t we will use reverse osmosis, and try to establish our value by adhering to external values, and only the ego is built, not the heart. The Bible tells us that all the issues of life flow from the heart. Our “heart” is our center, axis, the part of us as core. It is not established by externals, but an internal “knowing” our value, who we are, and that we have a purpose in being.


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