How Do You FEEL?

Use the wheel chart to help you “feel, deal and heal” the areas where your emotional life goes off center.

“What’s the matter?” … “Oh… nothing.” “No, really, what’s up, you’re quiet all of a sudden…” ” No really it’s nothing.”

” I know something is wrong… just tell me…” ” Well… ok… I guess I’m just angry…”

“Angry at what?” “I don’t know… I’m just angry.”

How many times have you been involved in this or a similar conversation? One of the contributing reasons is, that we may be out of touch with our true feelings, may be afraid to share our true feelings for a multitude of reasons, like, fear of rejection, fear of loss of control, codependency.

By using the above chart, it can help you get more honest about what you are really experiencing. Like, ANGER may mean; annoyed, violated, left out, humiliated, dissed, or many other things that we may not be in touch with or know how to express.

Give it a try, I am sure you will find examples you will relate to!


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