The End of The Daily?

What!?!? The end of the daily?

Only in email form… we are moving to an exclusively Instagram format.

Why you might ask?

We want to present an easy to read and digestible format. For most people the previous format was a bit long. And while feedback has been good in terms of content, the length of many of the dailys has proven to be an issue.

Our Blog at is still up and running and you can see all previous posts there… and longer posts will also be put on the blog site as well.

For now, please check out Bill_Hoffman_ on Instagram for the Daily Challenge and Encouragement. Please give us your feedback as we want to provide the most valuable content in the most productive way for most people.

Thank you for you support for so many years of “The Daily”! We look forward to this next season of powerful, transformational content that you can use every single day of the year.

Thank you again for your ongoing readership and support!


Bill Hoffman and Jackie Moreta, ( Exec. Producer)

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