Posers, Fakers, and Wannabe’s

One of my favorite books from Brennan Manning is “Poser’s, Faker’s and Wannabe’s”. It addresses one of the most prevalent dysfunctional behavior patterns that we deal with all the time. Imposter Syndrome.

There are several incarnations of this reality, all however, demonstrate an inability of the person, to see the reality of their value, abilities, etc. The problems arise when we begin to attempt to counteract the sense that we are inadequate, for whatever reason; temperament contributes, up-bringing, life experiences, education or lack there-of, cognitive problems and more.

It can create many problems such as depression/anxiety, social anxiety, anger issues, etc. But one of the most troublesome and intricate effects centers around pride and ego. This is where the “false Self” is erected, creating a persona that Brennan says, ” presents someone to the world around me that everyone will admire, but no one will actually know“. The reason that person cannot be known, is that they do not know themselves.

This is why we present that we must “lead” from the “inside out”. In order to do that we must “become” our genuine selves. To become our genuine self, we have to “be”. The state of being, is knowing ones value, a sense of purpose, belonging, self awareness of tempt, etc. When externals replace this initial inner work, we can go off easily, to accomplish this, by creating the false self, or pose, faker, or wannabe.

This is not God’s plan or will for us. He has made us in His image with value and purpose, and peace. You can discover this for yourself. Surrender your fears and insecurities and discover the more than adequate genuine you!

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