Make the Most of It – with Ciara Hines

Make the most of it

“Sometimes life doesn’t go the way you plan. Days you thought would be filled with the people you love suddenly become days you spend alone due to circumstance. But even in that, you could find just how loved you are. Even when life is less than pleasant, you can still make the most of it. And even in your weeping, there is space to have joy.

From one eternal optimist to the rest of you, I think this is something God gives us as a gift – to weep for what we have lost, but in the same moment rejoice in realizing there is so much to gain in knowing Him. You could call it grace, to be at peace & know joy even while you hurt & weep.

Thanks Ciara… for reminding us that circumstance is not God… God is the God of circumstance. Indeed, His grace is sufficient.

Contributor: Ciara Hines

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