Maverick Leadership

I like Judith’s mission statement. It’s clear, direct and concise. And that is what helps to make a Maverick leader.

Some of the misnomers however of this reality, are things like, “if I were just a Choleric, I could be a Maverick Leader; bold, tough, undaunted, decisive, edgy… maverick! But this is simply not true. It takes a lot more than a forceful personality to become a genuine maverick type leader. Many Cholerics shoot themselves in the foot and shipwreck ventures and companies because they don’t actually have the goods they need. They thought they did, and their pride and arrogance told them they had it. But pride and ego are quite blinding.

What then are some of the qualities of genuine Maverick empowered leaders? Here are some general considerations.

True maverick leadership is innovative, responsible, bold, progressive, and also driven by character, integrity, authenticity and yes… humility.

Maverick leaders are submitted, accountable, forerunners but not so far ahead that they are disconnected. They need leaders above them, and need to be vitally connected to those they lead to be effective. These are not all characteristics that can be “developed”. They also need to be acquired and adopted as values that become virtues; a part of your emotional and spiritual DNA.

BH/ Contributions: Judith Germain (Sourced Copyrighted Material)

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