WHen I was a boy growing up, Christmas meant the tree, the presents, the “magic” of Christmas. Presents would magically appear overnight… a bike, a moonscape, you name it. My sister and I were “believers” in Santa… in Santa’s Christmas.

Then one year I was told, that Santa actually was my parents, and I was devastated. My dad ate the cookies. My mom decorated the tree that we woke up to Christmas day. I remember being disillusioned and angry!

Probably because it was the one time of year that I could be caught up in something that took me away from the disfunction of the rest of the year. No, it wasn’t all bad, but there was always a threat, always a fear. This was my wonderful escape… some peace.

As I grew older, that magic was never replaced. No one actually told me the reason Christmas existed was because of something even better than the magic of Santa Claus. (The actual story of St. Nick is quite interesting… look it up). It would take years of drinking and running away from God, my family and myself to find “it”… or Him. The reason for Christmas.

It took losing it all to find the peace, the joy, the freedom, the “magic” that isn’t magic at all. It’s the WONDER of Jesus. He came for me! Not just for the “whole world”. Me! He died for me, so that I could live my life the way He intended as I surrender my broken life to Him. THIS, was the wonder of Christmas. Then Christmas was every day.

Ever since that day, my life is lived as an offering of thanksgiving to the God who sent His Son Jesus on that Christmas day. I wish I had known Him way back then. I would have easily traded the “magic” of Santa, for the lasting peace of Christ.

Happy Christmas to You


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