Adversity Doesn’t Change People – It Reveals Them

My Next Learning Point by The Signorelli’s

Mike and Julie’s 10 lessons learned in 2020 really are reflective of long term life lessons that we learn over and over again. I believe this is a part of God’s design. We never really stop learning, growing and hopefully, maturing. Maturing is the point I believe, that we can look at as the process that life will teach us, if we learn the lessons it gives us and apply what we learn, then we can mature.

I echo today’s lesson in my thinking back over time. While there are areas I have grown and matured in over 37 years of actually being engaged in life, and there are some areas that I see plenty of room for more maturity. Most of the time, they are revealed through adversity.

Adversity is a fact of life with a purpose like everything else. But somehow, especially those of us who might consider ourselves “spiritual”, many times believe that adverse happenings in there lives are caused by the devil, and the good stuff is from God. You might say, “oh no Bill, who would think that way?”. Plenty of people!

While it’s true that “what the devil meant for evil, God used for good”, but that doesn’t imply that all bad comes from the devil. What about our bad choices and decisions? Are there not negative consequences? “A man reaps what he sows”, right? What about that.

What about it is that we are to face all things in life knowing that God is there. How will I react, respond, deal with things in my life that are not agreeable, challenging, or even tragic? I have shared this many times… we need a “nevertheless” in our lives. I do not like this, this is painful and seems unfair, but nevertheless I will persevere, trust God and find victory. Or, I will get angry, rebel, take things into my own hands, lash out, hurt someone, or other unhealthy reactions to adversity.

Or another popular approach to negative circumstances coming into my life can be: “I can’t wait for this to be over so I can get on with my life.” We may forget life is happening “in the waiting.” I can miss a lot of my life if I am waiting for difficulty to disappear so ” everything is FINE.” Destination disease easily sets in. (Destination: F.I.N.E.)

God will meet us smack in the middle of every trial if we acknowledge Him. Then, even like “everybody’s favorite” Bible character Job, you can say, ” until all this bad stuff happened to me, I feel like I had only heard about You, now my eyes see You.” All Job’s adversity served to bring him to a more intimate relationship with God.

BH/ Inspiration: The Signorelli’s

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