Are You Bold and Courageous?

Being bold and courageous is something that many people might say, “I wish I was bold and courageous!” Most of us out of the gate are not so bold and courageous instinctively, except some Sanguines and Cholerics, sometimes. The rest of us are perhaps more suspicious, insecure, or calculating to naturally be bold and courageous.

God knows this. Basically speaking, He says we indeed can be bold and courageous, but there’s a catch… check out the excerpt from the book of Joshua Chapter 1.

“…don’t for a minute let this Book of The Revelation be out of your mind. Ponder and meditate on it day and night, making sure you practice everything written in it. Then you’ll get where you’re going; then you’ll succeed. Haven’t I told you? Strength! Courage! Boldness! Don’t be timid; don’t get discouraged. God, your God, is with you every step you take.”

Basically, whats being said is that if you keep your focus on what He has already told us, letting Him guide us, we can succeed with boldness and courage because He is with you! You are not alone! You may feel alone, but He promises if we pay attention and stay focused on His truth and have faith to believe He is with us, being our strength in our weakness, we can go right ahead and be bold and courageous.

But Bill… what if I don’t believe this? Well, it is a option to shrink back, not take risks, fear failure, etc. God is no respecter of persons, meaning He will be found by those who earnestly seek Him and take Him at His word. This will indeed require faith. If that is unfamiliar territory for you, there’s lot’s of help navigating in that direction. Reach out to someone who can help you get there. I wasn’t always this way, in fact I was the opposite.

I was timid, withdrawn, insecure, afraid, and more. But as I grew in my relationship of trust with God, I found I could do anything set before me, even if initially I was trepedacious. You can do the same if you choose. He welcomes us all.

Blessings Your Way!


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