Future Journaling

One of the steps in “The Process”, is the step of journaling. It is a specific king of journaling that I call “archeological”. The purpose is to go into our historic hearts and discover areas of “brokenness”. The brokenness is areas of grief, bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness, judgements and so on.

When we do this, it gives us opportunity to forgive, release judgements, and find freedom to “be”, or to live without all that pain and baggage dictating my current life and future by corrupting how I proceed in life pursuits and relationships.

This is part of the “Process” that is necessary to move in to discover such freedom to be, and become.

But is there another kind of journaling that can help in the moving forward in the process once we effectively “do the work”, in this area? The answer is yes. Future, or Forward Journaling is a relatively new concept. There are several incarnations of this concept out there currently. In my next book, “The Process, the First 40 Days and Beyond: A Guided Journal and Devotional”, this concept will be integrated.

Forward, or future journaling, gives us the opportunity to basically set short term and long term goals, not just in business or vocation, but in our personal growth journey as well. It’s interesting that we would easily set goals for finances, and future endeavors, etc., but not how I want to see my emotional and spiritual life to unfold over the next six months, year, etc.

What are we journaling? Well, on one level, Nicole LePera’s version contains sections like this:

1. What behavior or pattern do I want to change? Focus on ONE.

“I want to stop becoming defensive in my day to day interactions”

2. Write affirmations or statements that will help you achieve this. Let these flow naturally. Do not overthink this:

“I am able to hear other perspectives.” “I am calm” “I create space between my reaction” “I am safe within my body”

3. Write how you will be able to practice these new behaviors in daily life:

“I will practice observing the feelings and thoughts that come up rather than habitually reacting when interacting with my family.”

In my next book, I will include a Forward Journal section that correlates with the original steps in the Process itself. I am looking forward to this.

Oh, and by the way, part of my forward journaling right now is a goal:

I want to have this book done by September!


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