Do you want to be an “Influencer”, or be Influential?

The Rise of “Influencer Marketing”

Influencer marketing is growing fast with more “brands” realizing the potential of influencers. Why is this such a powerful reality?

The Rise of Social Media

Social media has a huge influence over our modern society. It is engulfing the population worldwide, and at a staggering pace.

There were 2.46 billion social media users in 2017 and this number is going to rise to 3.02 billion by 2021.

2.46 billion social media users

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have made it possible for us to share and spread ideas easily.

In the past, brands could only share product information through their company websites. But social media platforms have given brands a new and better channel to provide product info and to drive customer engagement.

As for consumers, these platforms have drastically changed the way they consume content and interact with each other. Now they can nurture social connections and access as much information as they want.


We hear this word thrown around all the time and it’s a pretty meaningless term when compared to being a person of genuine influence.

In fact, it’s like being the popular kid in high school, but now we have the popular kid on Youtube and on Instagram and those people have built huge followings. My hat is off to them, but at the same time, they may not be adding a lot of value into the world necessarily. For them, it’s about vanity metrics. It’s about making money and monetizing the following that they have, as an example. It’s about them.


Being influential means showing up and sharing your expertise and experience so that you’re serving people, you’re helping people, raising others up, you’re changing lives on the daily.

Additionally, it means that you’re changing your industry.

You have a unique set of thoughts and viewpoints that you want to express the world because it can shake up the status quo in your industry. You can evolve what your industry is currently doing, and the bottom line is when you’re influential, it’s not about you. In the case of the Influenc-er, it tends to be about them.

It’s about making things better for other people.

It is about profiting through your impact and not just profiting because you’re popular. It’s about changing lives and making a genuine difference because you are investing in peoples lives. Again, if you are an Influencer, you may put the “Influence” out there, then you’re done. When you are Influential, you take ownership of the message to whatever degree in peoples lives, through follow up, connection, concern, helping, etc.

That’s what being influential is. It’s about making a lasting impact. It’s about changing the way we do business, and indeed how we live our lives, and we can live our lives in a glass house because we have learned to be transparent, vulnerable and authentic. The way we live is the same at home as it is outside the home. AKA… Integrity and character.

Be influential, transform people, make your industry better. Frankly, it’s time for you to be recognized and to step into that most influential version of you.

Do the work to become that influential person. There are no short cuts, slick marketing tools, or huge amount of “followers” that will make you a genuinely influential person. That person is the genuine, authentic, REAL unique you.


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