“The Process” on Audible!

The long awaited Audible version of my book “The Process” is now available here!

Here is a small excerpt, the Prologue by Tony and Frances Pappalardo:

“Objects in mirror are more broken than they appear.”

At the time when we met Bill Hoffman, many in our industry referred to us a “power couple”. One that has it all together due to a growing, successful business that were able to develop while working together. We were very high functioning on the outside and it appeared to others that we were thriving. We were on sold out stages around the world collecting awards and speaking to thousands on success principles. However, when the curtains closed, the crowds dissipated and the spotlight was no longer on us, we were left with ourselves and our relationship was crumbling. The truth was, we were heading for a divorce.

They say that “the Roman Empire fell from within”. We weren’t working to live, we were living to work and it began to show in our marriage. As busi- ness partners, we were working like a well-oiled machine. But as life and marriage partners, we were dying on the vine. Having been disconnected from our authentic selves, we were blinded by the layers of emotional wounds and childhood scripts that we thought was normal and until we were triggered, we became exceptionally good at wearing our masks and sweeping things under the rug.

In comes Bill and The Process. As we took the deep dive into our root systems, we came face to face with our brokenness. We sought him out to help us become the archeologist of our lives, excavate our past hurts and begin the healing process. We learned the unforced rhythm of grace as we learned and chose forgiveness. We began to live wholeheartedly in our authentic states. We found peace, restoration, unity and purpose, but more importantly we learned to love each other because of our flaws not just in spite of them.

When you take off your mask, it gives others permission to do the same. The Process not only saved our marriage and transformed our lives, but it permeated the core of our leadership and therefore transformed the entire culture of our organization who have found true freedom. We thought we were doing FINE but we had no idea… Our advice to you?

Trust The Process.

…and put your seatbelt on because it’s going to be one wild and life changing ride!”

Tony and Frances Pappalardo

I’m so grateful for the privilege of serving in the capacity given to me. This book is evidence of the power of the Process, when engaged in with commitment. There are many testimonies of transformed lives that help you to relate to the concepts presented.

I hope you will take advantage of this powerful tool that can help lead you to discovering the more authentic, genuine you.

Bill Hoffman

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