Everyone’s Got an Opinion; Be an Example (Bob Goff)

My opinion does not change the Truth. Truth is absolute, my opinion doesn’t altar the Truth. I may choose not to abide by the Truth, rebel against the Truth, be offended by the Truth, I can even blame the Truth, but the Truth will remain the Truth.

Mere men can form opinions about God, God’s Word, the Truth, but they are only opinions. My opinions do not change the truth. People, many times, because they know I stand for Truth, when they are doing things that do not line up with God’s Word, say things like: ” I know your opinion about this and I respect your opinion, but I think I want to do this…”

You can go ahead and do whatever you choose to do, but it’s not my opinion about anything that you would have to be concerned with. A man reaps what he sows. If you sow to your own way, you will reap corruption, if you sow to the Truth you will reap genuine life, even eternal life. No one says you must believe this. Even God will not make us believe His Truth, though He invites all to do so, and will turn no one away. We will choose to believe and abide by it or not, but the results of either me believing it or not, will be what they will.

It’s the same as natural laws, like gravity. I can say I don’t believe in gravity, but if I stand on my roof and jump, (without any wings or other apparatus), I will fall to the ground and get hurt. Gravity is gravity. Truth is Truth.

In another aspect, if I espouse the Truth or have opinions even that back the Truth, it won’t matter unless I LIVE what I have opinions of about the truth. Oh, and by the way, I will not be perfect in my endeavor of living according to Truth. It doesn’t mean that “my opinion of it has changed.” Truth is perfect and immutable, my opinion, or my inability to live it perfectly will never change the Truth.

Finally, Truth goes beyond facts. The facts about God will not make you free, knowing the truth and abiding by it will.


“These are my beliefs of God, God’s Word and the Truth of God”

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