Trauma and Self Care -Trauma Stewardship

My daughter Rebekah is training for a new position in the arena of social work. She shared this book with me that she is currently reading. It caught my attention right away.


Because everyone experiences trauma in life. Therefore those of us called to the work of counseling, therapy, social work, etc., have experienced trauma, and are either in a place of healed trauma, being healed of trauma, or even in traumatic life situations currently, while caring for people who are attempting to find recovery and healing from trauma. How about that?

“Laura directs our attention to the impacts of trauma work on those who help and witness. Rather than pathologizing those of us who experience these reactions at one time or another, she helps us to understand our feelings and behavior as natural responses that flow from our humanity. In the same way that oils splatter on the painter’s shirt or dirt gets under the gardener’s nails, trauma work has an impact.

As therapists, we know that when the sources of anxiety go unrecognized, the anxiety cannot be managed. When that is the case, not only we but also our clients may suffer unnecessary distress. Laura gives us a range of possible emotions, ideas, and behaviors that can indicate that the work is taking a toll.”

In the profession of counseling, therapy, mentoring and coaching, social work, you have humans counseling humans. The reality that we are all broken must be recognized. It’s the broken people who have had their brokenness healed enough to not continue in unchecked dysfunction. Not because they are better than anyone else, but they are called to help others navigate life in a healing pathway that they themselves have navigated and are still navigating in certain terms.

Wounded healers. Those who can empathise. But they many times neglect self care as the task is not small. It’s as big as the population, as all are broken in one way or the other.

So if you are a care giver in the field in some capacity… don’t neglect your self care. In this way your cup can overflow. We give out of the overflow, not reserves.


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