Often, people struggle to get to what they perceive as “the top”. They forge their long list of accomplishments, perhaps with the hope that they will one day be able to say; “look what I have accomplished!”

However, our value is not determined on the basis of what we’ve done; rather, on who God says we are. This is why we do well to  stop depending on what we can accomplish and instead rely upon God in every aspect of life.

“Stop striving to reach your potential,
and start walking in your purpose.”  

What is being stripped away from your life? What do you trust in most? God will break your dependence on things that can’t work for you, no matter how long it takes or how difficult the process may be. He is committed to bringing you to a place of wholeness and spiritual maturity so that He can work through you and bring others to wholeness and spiritual maturity through your testimony.

Maybe you are facing a time of brokenness and it feels as though the emotional pain is more than you can bear. Or perhaps you are dealing with a series of disappointments that have completely undermined your sense of security. Instead of becoming fearful, or fighting against such things, find out what you are supposed to be learning.

This is how you learn to trust God’s work in you when the trials come… you trust He is doing the necessary things IN you.  The pressure may well be there to squeeze the pride, selfishness, anger, impatience and self reliance out of you.

 Whenever you experience brokenness, it’s your opportunity to mature emotionally and spiritually. You must learn how to rely on God’s love, grace and provision, not on your own. In that way, you grow in the areas under pressure and are prepared for future service.

Keep in mind brokenness can deepen your understanding in at least three ways:

You gain new perspectives and learn to receive help.

You develop a more complete comprehension of yourself, and increase your self awareness.

Your compassion and understanding for others’ suffering grows.

Are you facing a season of trials and brokenness? 

Look for one goal for your brokenness: spiritual and emotional victory and greater maturity.

Source: Charles Stanley/ Adapted

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