The Process – The Sequel

That’s right! The sequel to The Process is under way!

We believe we have come up with a winning combination to help people to actually engage in the process, and have a companion book to do it with.

“The Process – The First Forty Days and Beyond”, is a combination of our Daily Challenge and Encouragement readings, coupled with a guided Journal, helping you jump start the first forty days, and then every week for an entire year!

We listened to your requests. A daily reader for personal and professional development, and a journal/workbook to actually help you walk through an entire year of life transformation.

We are hoping for a fall release and truly looking forward to this publication helping as many people vitally engage in the process as possible.

We’ll be keeping you up to date as we move forward. In the meantime, here as another excerpt from The Process.

This Process is a highly personal internal journey toward wisdom. It starts with you as an individual and is translated into every relationship you are part of, starting with your relationships at home.

If you decide to take this journey, your coach or mentor will challenge you to engage in a sustained Process of self-discovery over a long period. This journey will not happen overnight. It will follow certain specific, guided steps that support you as an individual. You will find transformation occurs over time as new patterns and tools are integrated and established in your life. This Process is, by definition, unique to each person who chooses to follow its steps. The importance of this kind of personal journey is rarely addressed, at least in my experience, when it comes to discussions about leadership development. To move from desperation to possibility we need a paradigm shift from “destination orientated” to “journey orientated.”

We must be whole as individuals before we can exert leadership from home.

Most of us have read or taken part in programs or “systems” that focus on the external characteristics of good, strong, capable, effective, or otherwise successful leaders. These programs, in my experience, usually prove challenging for those who try to put them into practice. Why? Because these externally oriented, tactical “leadership programs” fail to take into account the reality that true leadership always expresses itself from the inside out.

When there are business and executive failures, these usually arise not because a leader didn’t know the right tactics, not because the person didn’t know how to get the job done, but rather because of an internal gap or disconnect of some kind. Most leadership “systems” simply ignore this fact.”

In the Process series, our goal is to assist the whole individual engage in a personal and professional maturing process that helps ensure genuine prosperity in your personal and professional life.

In the meantime, you can get your copy of the Process now at here. It’s available in paperback, Audible and Kindle versions now.



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