Healing the Pain

Most people who enter the Process, are really excited to learn their temperament. They have heard all about it and genuinely want to know why they do the things they do, why they keep cycling in dysfunctional patterns, etc.

But when we get to the part of the process that involves the “archeological journaling”, getting to the root systems of their past, and the pain and trauma that have remained inside unhealed, preventing them from discovering their true, genuine selves, and stopping the dysfunctional patterns that keep sabotaging their relationships, careers, etc…. they balk as the pain seems too great to face, especially for a Supine in particular.

Early childhood trauma affects people more than they believe, and they have learned survival techniques, and coping mechanisms that have allowed them to “cope and hope”, and live in a state of survival, and not thriving. So they protect their brokenness and deflect it in a multitude of ways, like ego, pride, anger, lacking the ability to take responsibility for their anger and dysfunction. The thought of dealing with the pain is a deterrant.

John Eldridge, in his book Wild at Heart, says this; “in order to heal the pain, you have to go into the pain.” If we do not, the pain is always stalking us, and affecting us in negative ways. Yet, many of us protect and deflect, instead of feeling the pain, dealing with it’s causes and roots, and healing our brokenness, allowing us to discover our true selves, discover purpose, our why, and to flourish.

Here is an excerpt of a recent post from a young lady named Zoraida. She articulated very well an example of embracing the process and her own brokenness, to enter the pain to find healing:

 “I had never been a casual observer of pain, but rather the recipient of it. These childhood scripts were engraved into my heart as I walked into my adult life and into the modeling/ beauty pageant industry. It was as if a target was on my back, and the arrow of brokenness quivered through the air to ALWAYS find its mark on me. My brokenness made me feel as a wilted flower in my moms garden who decided to live life dehydrated, and thought that was what life was suppose to look like- upside down. I somehow felt worthy of assault. I felt “too far gone”. Beyond repair. Beyond broken pieces…. I felt like dust.

The Healing

In my minds eye of course- flashed a different picture of myself. A picture who’s reality didn’t align with the DNA of who I was created to be. And my my, what a beautiful gift it was to become aware that the almighty author of the universe chose to create His favorite creation out of dust- this wasn’t my finality, it was what needed to be present for the new to begin!

Going into EIS and working with Bill shed light onto the roots of my broken past and childhood scripts. He offered beauty through his counseling, walking alongside me into deeper realms of brokenness by helping me do the archeological work required to ultimately help me find true inner healing.

This wasn’t my normal cycle of “coping and hoping” and applying bandages onto a bleeding heart …no… this was RADICAL TRANSFORMATION. I had previously experienced severe forms of my “false self” begin to surface. Bill equipped me with the necessary tools and steps to begin my excavation journey. I stepped into the strengths of my temperaments. I stepped into self awareness. I stepped into forgiveness. I stepped into my thought life and learned to take my thoughts captive. The battle was on! I began transforming, from the the inside out.

My true genuine self, was now in the process of becoming part of the FOUND. I felt something shift inside me, like fresh life breathing into bursting lungs!

Bill fostered my best.. is an encourager of my gifts. He dared me to Believe… and that I did. He showed me that God is nearest to the broken-hearted and uses them to become world changers. I am now aware that I carry the insignia of the Lord. I am the pearl of great price. I am chosen for such a time as this. I, who was the receiver, will soon become the giver of hope for someone else.

This is my story, I never chose this BUT I get to CHAMPION IT, thanks to the people God placed in my life. I am still becoming, but now walking in my purpose with a newly found boldness in my steps.

You too can discover the life changing Process that will help you in your own self discovery journey… but you’ll have to stop protecting your brokenness and insecurities, and deflecting, and begin to Feel, Deal, and Heal!


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