Connect the Dots

How do we connect the dots from our reactions and responses to the things that happen in life, choices we make, how we function in life and relationships, our purpose and why?

Well, in terms of the Process that we use to help, once someone comes for help in this type of discovery, we start with a temperament test. This is the first step as it reveals the inborn temperament of the person. The “why” question in certain terms, is answered in terms of understanding propensities, strengths and weaknesses, and needs.

Next, this work and discussion has the tendency to uncover things from our past, our “baggage”, aka, our trauma from growing up, rejections, and countless traumas from divorce in the family to sexual abuse. We instruct people in an “archeological” journaling exercise that helps the person uncover these things, and ultimately forgive those who have hurt them, and release the judgements they have made against others.

Another aspect that needs to happen along the way, is learning to take your thoughts captive. Everything is processed through the mind… the thought life. Certain temperaments such as the Melancholy, are prone to excessive thinking. We are taught in Proverbs, that “as a man thinks in his heart, so he is.” So in other words, if all of the above is “broken”, all the “dots” are all over the place and you don’t connect them in such a way that you can discover the freedom from being tyrannized by all of these areas functioning in the “negative”, or “weakness” area of their temperament spectrum. You can begin to respond, instead of reacting to the trauma triggers still inside, and be “transformed by renewing your mind.”

As we begin to work in this “Process”, ( The Process available here ), you can begin to “connect the dots”, start to understand why you may react all the time, and not respond well; discover your intrinsic value, and stop being defined by externals like your performance; why you keep cycling and recycling in bad dysfunctional relationships, and more.

God has a good plan for our lives, we just need to get in on it. You do not need to keep disqualifying yourself any longer. But you can’t do it alone. You need help and it’s available. We are here to help you on your journey to your true, authentic help. Learn how to connect the dots!


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