Protect and Deflect

What do we mean by “protect and deflect?”

When we, for multitudes of reasons, will not or cannot accept something that challenges us, on any level, we may, choose to protect ourselves by deflecting the issue.


One way is saving face. Another is blame shifting. Passing the buck. Shirking responsibility. Making justifications and excuses. The list goes on and on. The real issue is underlying however. Our “brokenness”; the areas inside like insecurities, immaturity, lack of emotional development, moral deficiencies, and even temperament, etc. are the real root culprits.

When we make a mistake, if I am so insecure that I just cannot accept responsibility, I will attempt to protect myself from ridicule, or correction. In my case, I was so insecure, and did not know who I was on any level, I would do anything to save myself the embarrassment. In my case I am a Melancholy and hard on myself, and always felt like a loser, the one who didn’t “get it”.

If someone had a better idea than me , I would shoot them down to make myself look good. I would protect my position at all costs. If I made an error, I blamed it on something or someone else. Over time with God’s help, I learned that this was all self preservation, and that I really needed to be more concerned with helping others get ahead than myself.

I have worked with many people in the same condition. We all think it’s going to help to protect ourselves from embarrassment and failure. In fact if we protect and deflect, we prevent the growth that we need to engage in to mature.

How do you protect and deflect?


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