Dr. Nicole is absolutely right. Our world today is a quagmire of stress, fears, instability, division, unknowns, pandemics and more. In light of all this it’s no wonder so many suffer from anxiety, depression, and many other forms of dysfunction and unhealthy patterns.

But these elements alone should not hold us captive to those maladies. They are “external” pressures that can definitely have an effect on us, but it doesn’t mean that those effects must be negative. In fact, most of those elements, when mentioned, implicate negativity. Essentially they are, but the missing link in the equation, is our ability to handle those impituses.

As Dr. LePera notes, we don’t know how to “access” optimism. Alluding to the reality that this is an internal resource, that when blocked with a lack of faith, past traumas, and many other facets of brokenness, we may well only be able to “process” stressors in a negative way, leading to the aforementioned negative effects, leading to an inability to maintain any lasting optimism, or positive outlook. And then, “as a man thinks in his heart so he is.” If our perceptions and perspectives are skewed internally, they are bound to be skewed externally.

As always, we must start at a place where the nucleus of the problem actually resides… inside. If we are internally broken, negative externals will attach to our “brokenness”, a natural result will be a negative perspective. You can’t reach the center from the circumference. You start at the center and work your way out. Otherwise you will always depend more on “things changing for the better”, and “things to pass”, before we perceive we can “get better”. We want things to “get back to normal”, and “then” we will be “ok”. We of course don’t see that when things were “normal”previously, we were not, “ok”.

OK is relative. For example, faith teaches us that things are “ok”, even when “things” are not necessarily ok. It’s not “divine denial”, it’s “walking by faith”, realizing that there really is never a time when “everything is ok”. And even if it is right now, there will certainly be a time when it’s not, and it may be soon! Then what?

Pandemics, obstacles, difficulties, pain, loss and every other thing that happens under the sun, are all opportunities for us to learn, trust, grow, and uncover the barriers to those things inside us, and work towards removing them through inner healing

In Dr. Nicole’s approach, it’s “Doing the Work”, and in our camp we term it, “The Process”, both will help you get there.


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