Emotional maturity. Is it a destination? After all, if we are perceiving immaturity, we would say, well, I/you need to grow up, (another destination). Unfortunately, merely getting older does not create maturity.

Maturity is developed when you engage on some level, in a process, or life pursuit that facilitates a maturing process. In other words, you have to do the work. All the way from dealing with past trauma, to taking your thoughts, feelings and emotions captive, and everything in between, can make way for the development of emotional maturity.

Your feelings can be factually inaccurate , but it doesn’t help to tell yourself that in the moment, because the fact remains—that’s just how you feel.

Be honest with the people around you. Allow yourself to feel those feelings. Tell yourself it’s okay to feel those feelings. But don’t “rationalize” your feelings to tell you how you are going to act/react/respond to the world around you. Your ego may want you to do so, but if you “befriend” your ego, it won’t be a tyrannical taskmaster whipping you up through the portal of your feelings and emotions. They need to be brought into subjection perpetually. If you do this you can begin to “mature”.

But maturity, again, is not a destination, it’s a way of life. It includes some of the elements in yesterday’s post. Exercising wisdom, discernment, discretion, justice, love, peace, humility and temperance. These are some of the qualities that characterize maturity. It keeps maturing. It is not like I am immature today and mature tomorrow. I may be more mature today than I was yesterday if I am growing and exercising these attributes. God has them all accessable to us, but if we “lean on our own understanding” through pride, will will miss the mark.

One of the most potent attributes of continued growth and maturing is accountability. I am accountable to people more mature than me. Maturity is relative. There will always be someone more mature than me… thank God. There will always be someone less mature than me. It’s not a judgement or an assessment of value.

Yes, we all need to “grow up”… but not in age, in emotional and spiritual direction, humility and posturing.


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