Are You Serious!?

Are you serious about your life? Are you intentional about your life? Or are you simply going from day to day hoping for the best? There is a better way but where you start is important.

How about here: Jeremiah 29: 10,11 (The Message)

“I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.”

God has plans, purpose, empowerment, grace, direction, security, peace and everything else you will need for the journey. The question I am asked the most, I believe, is HOW do I do that? Since it seems intangible, we may have a propensity to not stay on the path that God has because we may not see instant results. We are taught that faith is the substance of what we’re hoping for. But is faith static, or is it something that we engage in with God in a vital way that will equip me and propel me forward to persevere into all God has for me?

One key to this is, to seek Him first because He promises everything else will follow. Later in Jeremiah, it says, when you get serious about wanting Him more than anything else, you won’t be disappointed. But make no mistake, this is a faith walk. But when you think about it, no matter how you are living your life, it’s essentially by faith. The Covid crisis will tell you that. There are no guarantees in this life… nothing to cling to on earth that can save you. Only God can provide the sense of security that we are looking for. Multiple millions unemployed, our economy rivaling the depression era.

Next Key: Know your genuine self. If you operate out of your brokenness, insecurities, weakness aspects of your temperament, you will likely create a false self, or two, to compensate. Becoming the genuine you is the goal really, as we are created in God’s image to be a reflection of His work. He intends for us to know who that is because it’s the clearest reflection to the world around us.

Genuine faith with give you the perseverance, courage, strength, direction, peace and even joy in the midst of the challenges that will face us all. The reason is, it’s not a “blind” faith, just hoping that things will be ok, it’s genuine faith that overcomes any and every challenge you will face. Will it be hard, sure. God never ever promised it would be easy, but worth it.

“When you get serious, you will not be dissapointed.”


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