A Healthy Lifestyle

Along with a healthy diet, exercise, financial responsibility, and such, come the other disciplines: Like accountability, balance, healthy perspectives and expectations, a healthy spiritual life, etc.

For many years these things were foreign to me.  I may tap into one or two aspects for a while, like a fad, and then revert back to poor habits. Integrating these elements, I have found, like the Process itself,  take regular attention and prioritization.  I will invest in what I believe is the most important thing to me.  I may say things are important to me, but if I am investing in other things, like distractions; social media, games, my phone, tv, and some other not so good things, then they are actually my priority.  Ouch!

In addition, having a non-sabotaging perspective of incorporating disciplines and habits is necessary. I recently saw this on Instagram posted by a friend.

I used to be such a Melancholy perfectionist, if I set out to accomplish any aspect, and for whatever reason I couldn’t complete it, do it well enough, etc., I would stop, pack up and go home.  Self sabotage.  Then my mind and thoughts would convince me I was a loser and just could not do it, which kept me from persevering.

Then I wouldn’t give myself permission to relax because I failed and I should do better. If I cannot, I don’t deserve to relax.  Then I will keep striving, and striving and sabotage the entire cycle. And hit repeat, repeat, repeat!  Can anyone relate!?

There is a better way, but you have to take your thoughts captive, persevere, incorporate more rational thinking processes, and start small. Do one thing at a time,  and track your process.  We incorporate “forward journaling” to help in this process.  If you get up every day and just wing it, you will likely not get too far for too long.  Some self sabotaging lie will trip you up and send you back to square one… defeated.  

All of our failures, and there will be many, need not be defeats… unless we let them. Change your perspective today… engage in a process of change that makes way for a healthy lifestyle in every area.

“Process with progress allows you to love every version of yourself.” – Julie SIgnorelli

Bill Hoffman/ Canva Graphics, Instagram Post


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