EIS LIVE! MONDAY with SANDY MYERS and Co-Host Anita Arrunategui

We are so excited to welcome EIS Counselor, Sandy Myers to our LIVE! broadcast this coming Monday at 6PM Eastern Time. Joining me as co-host will be fellow EIS Counselor Anita Arrunategui.  This will be a real opportunity to sit in on some EIS “shop talk”, as we explore Sandy’s past experience, and how that is translating into her work here at EIS. Here is some info about Sandy:

  • Over 20 years of work experience in the areas of leadership, counseling, coaching, and non-profit organization. 
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Pastoral Christian Ministries from Oral Roberts University
  •  Sandy is passionate about helping people find personal breakthroughs. A strong faith in God led her to overcome challenges in her childhood and teenage years.
  • She began her pastoral counseling experience working at a non-profit helping young people overcome life-controlling issues such as eating disorders, trauma, depression, anxiety, addictions, and codependency.
  • Sandy is certified as a Life Coach, as well as a Certified Temperament Counselor and a Licensed Pastoral Counselor under N.C.C.A since 2006. 
  • She specializes in helping clients align their lives to truth, promote self-awareness, and find personal fulfillment in their current roles of influence. 
  •  A first-generation American, parents are originally from the Dominican Republic
  • She resides outside of Orlando with her husband, Chad, and their 3-year-old daughter, Jenna. God blessed them with a child after many years of infertility. 
  • Elder leader at City of Life Church where she enjoys teaching classes, participating in community outreach, and integrating new volunteers into areas of service.
  • She uses social media to share encouraging content on Soul care via her Instagram @sandymyers08 and her Facebook account.
  • She is currently working on an upcoming project with EIS solutions is planning on launching her personal website in the fall of 2021.

Don’t miss this special episode to get to know Sandy and hear more about our work from the inside out

See you there on YouTube and Facebook at 6PM EST Monday!



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