Do You “Deserve” to Take Care of Yourself?

Think of how often you see yourself through critical eyes.  Many of us feel guilty, for example, if we’re not busy all the time being productive. Then we “feel like” we don’t “deserve” to rest, or more importantly, care for ourselves. This has alot to do with temperament propensities of course, but it has more to do with “value”. 

Deserving has something to do with value and earning something. And there is of course plenty to be said about being productive, bringing value to the table of life, etc. But the question is,  is what I am doing earning value

The answer is a resounding no. In past posts, I have talked about “loving every version of yourself”. I pointed out, and included a picture of me in my drunken wild days, as being a version of myself of course.  I posed the question… was that version of me any less valuable than the version of me that I am today?

The answer? A resounding no! In fact… without that version of me, I would not be the version of me I am today.  I am no more “deserving” now than I was then.  I had intrinsic value then, and I have intrinsic value now.  What I “bring” to the table of life is of more value to people because I have transformed in the process.  Indeed, that version of me needed to exist for me to have walked in the transformation you see now. I am able to help others in the same areas I struggled in and more… I can bring and add value.  But my value is not in what I bring, or do, it’s who I am.

God created me with value built in.  He assigned it to us all.  You may or may not believe that, and if you don’t you may find it hard to see your value outside of what you do, or how “successful” you are, etc. Is someone who is successful in business more valuable than you when you are not? You might quickly answer, “of course not!” But ask yourself, how do you really live?  Do you need approval all the time?  Are you afraid to fail? Do you have to look good and right all the time?  Do you avoid risks? Do you compare yourself to others? Do you feel like you don’t deserve certain things unless you are performing well, etc?

These are all signs that you may not be in touch with your genuine, intrinsic value. We at EIS can help you navigate a process that will help you discover the genuine you, the authentic you… and in the process, find your value outside of your performance. Check us out at . You deserve it!

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