Word Power with Anita Arrunategui

I didn’t realize the power behind the words. I was ten. My words sparked such electricity that I felt as though I was zapped by a taser gun. It wasn’t so much the words I spoke but the words spoken back to me. My dad was deeply wounded. I shared  with my friend’s mom an unintentional error he had made while driving to a vacation spot. See, he was a new driver here in the USA. He had immigrated from Ireland over a decade prior to the incident and was quite rusty in his driving abilities. I didn’t judge him. I was just accounting an exciting incident. I obviously hit a nerve. My dad was so embarrassed by my innocent words to the neighbor and i was so sorry I had hurt him. I learned a great lesson that day. 

The Bible says, “The tongue is a small part of the body… it makes great boasts” (James 3:5). So so true!  This small instrument certainly has enormous power. The spoken word is a product of your thought life; the conduit through which thoughts that are given permission to occupy real estate in your soul, travel to the outside world. You literally “make a statement.” The thoughts, whether right or wrong; fact or misperceived, are played out through our words and often at times, our deeds. They become our truth. 

As we see, they have the potential for great damage yet there isn’t an easy ten step program to “better communication” that will fix the core issue. It’s a heart issue and needs a process in place. One must discover where the damaging, toxic thoughts have originated from. The emotions, situations and occurrences surrounding these thoughts must be explored and excavated. Once the root is exposed and healed, then change is possible. You can then experience greater satisfaction, peace and positive opportunities in your favor as you grow in this area. 

EIS Counselor: Anita Arrunategui/Images: Canva Pro


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