What Do You Think You Are Getting Away With?

There is a scripture in the Bible that says, “Your sin will find you out.”  One of my favorite scriptures, actually.

When I lived on the east coast, back in the day I used to go to church in NYC, and on the way home at night, I passed St.Pauls church that had a neon sign that stated this ominous, but oh so true statement.

Interestingly, since I had surrendered my life to God, and I knew that I was right with God, (not because I was perfect, but because I believed that Jesus had paid for my sin), this was not a “threat”. Interesting… when you know you have done true business with God, this is no longer a threat, but a welcomed promise. When your running, hiding, lying, covering up, living for yourself, etc., eventually you will get “found out.”

Yet somehow we think we can get away with stuff.  We think we can deflect, shift things around, play games with ourselves and others, without any ramifications.  I literally work with people who do this perpetually over and over again and play a victim to the consequences. This demonstrates the necessity of having our conscience awakened by God.

But how might God do such a thing?

Well… it’s called conviction. Thats why we have a conscience.  When we are doing something sketchy, we should get a “check” in our conscience… I am doing something here that ain’t right. We then have the opportunity to CHOOSE right or wrong.

Then… another way he might try and get our attention is by hanging a neon sign out in the street, lovingly telling me that I will eventually get found out. By the way, this is the mercy and love of God in action.  He doesn’t want us to do destructive, hurtful or selfish things.  So he reminds us… you will get found out.  Why not be true, honest, and right by doing right by ourselves and others.

That’s when God’s grace comes in.  His grace is available when we choose to do right.  I had a friend who recently passed on named Dave.  He used to say, “You know the angels leave you when you drive over the speed limit!” What he was saying is, when you choose to live above the law, be it God’s laws, or natural laws, you are taking things in your own hands. God is trying to protect us by keeping us inside the protective boundaries He establishes.

I have learned that it is safer to stay within those boundaries, and they are not restrictive… they give me freedom. Many people think they are a constraint from “doing what I want to do.” This is not true. I do anything I want to do within the boundaries that I choose.  I choose the ones that are life giving, freeing, and not hurtful to others.

So if you see that sign, (even in your mind), realize it’s God lovingly trying to get your attention.


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