A Deeper Cause with Anita Arrunategui

I tended to my daughter and then son when Chicken Pox invaded our home. It never dawned on me that I never had them as a child. That is until the red fiery spots suddenly appeared: my face, body and even in my mouth and down my throat; even breathing was painful and labored. The days of agony however were nothing compared to the seemingly lifelong side effect I had encountered: a chronic skin disease. It resulted in pain, irritation, embarrassment, and hopelessness. I would have terrible flair ups and not have any inkling of the cause. My immune system was overwhelmed. Once my body was under the attack there seemed to be no relief in sight. My body reacted to what it perceived as a toxic poison to the system and a cascade of reactions rendered my skin in disarray. 

I spent years trying to fix the issue, find the cause, and eliminate the culprit. It burned a hole in my pocket and left major frustrations in my path. I had to discover those foods, skin products, household chemicals etc that were causing the rash and rebuild my immune system from the ground up.

After a few years I began to experience some relief. However, I stopped dead in my tracks when the question was posed to me: “Did you ever stop to think that this issue could have a deeper emotional origin? Do you think that this could be just a breakdown in your system because of dis-ease of hidden hurts?”  Wow! That person blew the lid off of this dilemma. That is when I began the journey to complete healing. I began deep introspective work. I did not leave one stone unturned from my childhood hurts, scripts and my reactions to them. I journaled and lamented and forgave. That’s what really healed me from the inside out. 

EIS Counselor: Anita Arrunategui/Images: Canva Pro



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