The Harvest with Anita Arrunategui

Building a business is like planting a field. The task requires one to prepare the soil, another to plant, and another to water. Each will receive from the harvest. So it is in business. A leader needs a follower. The title only comes to fruition when another deems the leader worthy of the title and is willing to come under their domain. That’s sobering to say the least. Leadership is about influence and serving the people you lead so that they will go further and do better than you.

An excellent leader gets under the people to support them in their journeys and does not look to get over them to self promote. One way to get under a person is to draw out their thoughts and ideas making them a part of the process. They will take ownership in their contributions to the group. 

Here are some relational  pitfalls to avoid as you build your team:

1. Harboring jealousy

It is tempting to compare ourselves with others. Spending our time and giving up real estate in our mind and emotions to comparisons with others leads to the demise of our own territory. The positive efforts and innovative ideas we may have get kicked to the curb as we entertain the negative thoughts of others blessings.

2. Boasting

Keep in mind that we all have the same needs. No one is deemed greater in value. It is our  unique strengths  and weaknesses and personal calling that make us different. At times we achieve victories; at times, others do.

3. Quarreling

If we pick fights with others that have the motive rooted in pride, we are looking to inflate ourselves above the others. A disagreement often has three sides: your truth, their truth and the truth. Having a third party to assist in resolving disagreements may be necessary. 

4. Negative words

Respond to others, even when their words are inflammatory, with calmness. Be mindful always of not only what you say (gossip and bad-mouthing others) but also what you are thinking. Your thoughts have power.

As you pursue this season of building a business, may you recognize the areas in your life that are serving the vision and those that are a roadblock to your efforts. These roadblocks  are not always easy to recognize in oneself but once they are and efforts are made to remove them, the potential to grow is great.

EIS Counselor: Anita Arrunategui/ Images: Canva Pro


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