Are You Looking for Identity? – With Bill Hoffman

Who Am I?

What if we engaged that question with a “journey” approach, as opposed to a “destination” approach?  What do I mean?

If we are honest we start to realize how much of our lives are lives chasing a dangling carrot in front of us.  “When I get there, when I achieve that, when this happens, when this stops happening, then, I will be….”

We are always striving for something else while life passes us by.  But more costly that that, me knowing myself, my purpose and “why” will also pass me by. We many times are defined by externals, as internally we are not rooted and grounded in an innate understanding of who we actually are, and that, that, is the starting point, not something that has to be “added to” to become who I “really” am.

The core of who I am is already established.   It’s in my physical, and spiritual, DNA.  I can discover more of who I am by looking at my own heart, the experiences in life that helped me, and hindered me as I have traveled along life’s road, and deal effectively with all of it.  That is known as a Process.  Being in a process allows you to engage in life as a broken, but whole, and valuable human being that has been created with “why and purpose”.

Unfortunately, with all the brokenness we encounter in life, we many times allow it to negatively define us and disqualify us.  This approach will never allow you the beauty of self discovery. It will always wind up being a disqualifying force in your life one way or the other.  With a healthy approach, and an effective process to help you deal with and heal from traumatic events in life, you can be transformed from the inside out, weaknesses becoming strengths, and healed wounds being used to lead others to similar healing… wounded healers.

I quote it often, “Process with progress allows you to love every version of yourself.” – Julie Signorelli

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