The Vein of Gold

Have you discovered the Vein of Gold within you?

Most are looking for the “gold” outside of themselves. They may believe the gold is in achievement, success, talent, good fortune, even luck. But the vein is actually within.  What do I mean?

Inside all of us is the “stuff” of most value. The things that that have been deposited in us, ingrained, they are a part of who we are.  But most never take the time , or are willing to do the archeological work to discover this wonderful treasure… their genuine, authentic selves.  As a result, they may be a “gold plated” version of themselves. On the outside there is glitter and glam, but the fullness and richness of who they are, and what may be given to their world, may never be revealed and “mined”.

Before we claim any other identity, we own a fundamental identity innately, that God has given us. All of us. Every one. No exceptions.

We hold this belovedness deep within, so deep we might never realize it’s there. This is the vein of gold that is intrinsic, and unique in each of us. Then he invites us to excavate it in each other. This is called community. We are invited to become prospectors, sifting our experiences to find the gold within ourselves and one another. AKA, leadership.

And not unlike Old West prospectors panning in cold mountain rivers, we will find this gold only when we look for it. Before we can can discover our genuine why, and purpose externally, we should open the mines of our hearts, and look for the vein of gold that is within. It always starts within, and is designed to work it’s way out, not the other way around.

Will you be bold and courageous enough to face your fears, insecurities, inabilities and baggage, to open that baggage, unpack it and find the gold? It’s there… you can find it, find your authentic self, walk in that freedom and become all you were meant to become.

EIS can help you excavate!

Bill Hoffman



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