Ignoring the Signs

How often we ignore the signals and signs within our own hearts, and from others, that there is something in us that needs attention.

Instead of listening to the criticism that someone may be giving us intently, we reject it as judgement, for example, throw the baby out with the bathwater, and disregard what we could benefit from by hearing…. but we don’t listen.  Instead, we deflect, protect our egos, and justify ourselves.

This was certainly my lifestyle for a long time.  I was an “ego maniac with an inferiority complex.” I could never be wrong, take responsibility, or see even when someone was earnestly trying to help me to see something destructive in me, (you didn’t have to look too far!). But I was blinded by my fragile ego, pride, insecurity,lack of self-worth, and had tons of baggage I was lugging around from my childhood that prevented me from receiving.

This way of living will keep you bound, blind, insulated, imprisoned within the confines of “self” in a very destructive and negative way.  It’s all a form of narcissism that will plague you in every relationship, employment setting, literally everywhere in your life.

So how do we start to pay attention to the signs?  You will need to get into a process in which your eyes can be opened through some excavation, deep diving into your past traumas, admitting to the truth of your coping, hoping and survival mechanisms, forgiving others and yourself, releasing judgements that are boomeranging back on you and allowing your true, authentic, genuine self to emerge.

It is a Process,and it will require work, but will yield great, emotionally and spiritually healthy fruit in your life, so that you can live authentically, love and be loved genuinely, and discover and walk in your why and purpose.

“Process with progress allows you to love every version of yourself.” – Julie SIgnorelli

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