Does This Sound Right to You? With Anita Arrunategui

Knowing what is right in all circumstances is a challenge. I believe the greater challenge is then the follow through:doing what is right. As a leader, our job is to figure out if what we are doing or plan to do or advise those coming behind us is right and then follow through and just do it. At times of challenge or times where right is unpopular or will seemingly result in “loss” we struggle. The course one chooses to ultimately follow separates the “men from the boys”,  so to speak. 

In his book, God at Work, Ken Costa writes, “There are right and wrong choices… all the invented terms such as “inappropriate” and “counterproductive” are efforts to avoid the simple ethical fact that there is a right and wrong course of action.” The secret is to know what that is! When facing a difficult situation, leaders need to ask themselves two questions:

  1. Is this the right thing to do in this situation?
  2. What is the most appropriate way to carry it out.

We often don’t know what is the right thing. We may have grown up in homes where corners were cut and selfish motives were in play. Now is the chance to turn that around for your future. The past experience can be the best teacher to bring you to truths and give you knowledge, strength and wisdom to carry them out. Here are some practical guidelines in the follow through:

  1. Act with humility: a servant leader (this topic has been addressed on other occasions in “The Daily Journals”).
  2. Always assume the best of others so that before jumping to conclusions, you investigate the situation and find the best way to deal with all parties involved. It may need a third set of eyes.
  3. Never betray confidence. When another puts their faith and trust in you in dealing with delicate issues, be mindful of their reputation. 
  4. Always do what’s right, not just when you feel like it or it’s convenient to do so.
  5. Pull your weight: set a good example to those under your guide providing an example of diligence.
  6. Exercise discipline building a “muscle” of strength finding it easier and easier to just do the right thing.
  7. Use the right GPS to guide you into places that foster the right outcomes. It could be a respected leader, a book that teaches you about right living or your own conscience which each of us are born with. We often need to dig deep inside the layers of “stuff” from our past to find it, but it is there if we look. 

Let these simple yet powerful points guide you as you seek to prosper in all life situations…

EIS Counselor: Anita Arrunategui/Images: Canva Pro


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