“Strategize” Your Character with Anita Arrunategui

It is evident; so much has changed.  Even our work situations have shifted. As more companies are allowing work-at-home schedules and Zoom meetings we are finding a new phenomena of family “togetherness”. Families, more than ever, need to be mindful of each other, relate better to each other and really co-exist. Our ability to lead from home plays a huge role in this new logistics shift and if we desire to succeed in all we do, we must readjust our mindset to accommodate. 

Leadership does not only demand good strategy (although it is an important ability) to achieve its goals but good character. Character involves the way one thinks from within and displays those same characteristics outwardly, even when no one is looking. Good character are those traits of the finest quality; a high moral code. 

Some of us are born into families that portrayed great character and it showed up not only in our family but was evident in the workplace. 

Some of us, not so much. 

That does not disqualify anyone! We are capable of rising up from the challenges life has given us and we can be on our way to becoming a great leader. In fact coming from that place of brokenness, overcoming it and going on to lead others can and often does fine-tune your qualifications (evidenced through the strengths realized in the temperament assessment) as you become a living example of what a good leader is. Your experiences actually become a living testimony. It is also necessary that a good leader go through times of testing and turmoil in order to prove they have what it takes. Passing the test builds other’s trust in you to lead and guide. 

Maybe it is time to dig in and discover your strengths, heal those places of weakness and move forward to take your place as the leader you were created to be. 

EIS Counselor: Anita Arrunategui/Images: Canva Pro


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