What is Your Thorn? – With Bill Hoffman

In his book, “The Way Of the Thorn”, David Trementozzi says this:

“At the place of the thorn, is the pain of restless need exposed.”

Most of us love the rose, but hate the thorn, and don’t necessarily understand the purpose of the thorn, and that it is vitally a part of the rose.  David goes on to say in the poem, “For Every Thorn There is a Rose”;

“I prayed,
“Dear God, take away the thorns;
I only want the Rose-
I love roses,
But I hate pain.”
“My child, My child, many desire the Rose,
For therein is life eternal
Fullness of living –
But the way of the Rose is the way of the thorn.
Many seek the Rose,
But at the testing of the thorn
most fall away.
The testing of the thorn
Reveals the restless cravings of the heart.”

The thorn has a powerful purpose… to show us our deep need, to humble us, train our hearts is perseverance, and ultimately to understand that love is not only warm fuzzys, and everything working out perfectly all the time. If you live in that kind of expectation, you will be dissapointed. It’s virtually impossible for everything to work out the way we desire 100% of the time.

So, what happens when we grab the thorn?  OWWWW!!  I don’t like this! But what if the thorn doesn’t go away? Who and what can I blame? Or maybe I will volunteer to be a victim, feel sorry for myself, etc.  These are all normal responses, but they don’t get rid of the thorn.

Mike Bickle once said, “I never want to waste a good trial!” He had discovered the secret of the thorn…. it’s a gift, a blessing, and even a doorway to the trained heart.

I’ll be honest with you, I believe you will do best understanding God and His ways to some degree to accept what I am writing here, and what David so beautifully depicts in his books.  But if you do not believe, try and relate to the pragmatic realities that the thorn represents: A humbling, brokenness, exposure of restless need that keeps driving us that never gets fully satisfied, receiving strength through surrender, finding grace, peace, and perseverance through surrender of control. As David continues, “face the pain, embrace the thorn… Here is the test; wait for the rose in the thorns of pain, or run to a rogue rose with substitute solace.”

How many times do we do everything to avoid the pain of thorns in life, wanting to get around the nuisance of the “interruption” in my life, and get on with it. I have said this many times before.  If you have a lifestyle like this, where only “good” things are from God and “bad” things are from the devil, you will never understand and experience life that way you are intended to.

Finally, for my writing today, I will present this reality. If you will submit to the thorn, it will likely be one of the greatest places of transformation and strength you will ever encounter.  Embracing the thorn, it’s humbling realities, brokenness, and human limitation to relieve ones self from it’s sting, will bring you to some of the deepest lessons that life will give you, and open your eyes further and further to the Truth that can set you free.

Quotes and excerpts from “The Way of the Thorn” by David Trementozzi

If you would like a copy, please email me direct at eis.billhoffman@gmail.com



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