Self Awareness and Vision – With Bill Hoffman (Encore)

In a recent article, Dr. Jordan Peterson wrote:

“Every relationship begins with your relationship with yourself. Ultimately the guiding voice is the internal one. And if you don’t understand who you are, it’s impossible to develop self-control.

Carl Jung once said: “Everybody acts out a myth, but very few people know what their myth is. And you should know what your myth is because it might be a tragedy and maybe you don’t want it to be.”

Also in a recent post called “Breaking a Soul Tie with Your Ego”,  Ashley-Kate wrote:

“I can only inherit my future if I cut the soul tie with myself; the ‘self’ that has made me ‘god’ in my story, and has desperately tried to live a perfectly controlled life. The only thing I controlled was the narrative, and even that, was poorly done.”

And David Trementozzi writes, in “The Way of the Thorn”:

“Vision was a combination of his eyes ability to see and his spirit’s ability to be. In this place, fullness of life was lived in every moment and in every circumstance because ‘vision’, and ‘being’ are so closely linked.”

In the book of Proverbs, It says “people perish because of lack of vision.  Another version says, “people go backwards due to a lack of vision”.  Most people do not link being a genuine self with a fully intact identity, with vision. This is why we say, the way to discovering your “why”, and “purpose”, is by discovering who you genuinely are, first.  It is intended to be generated from within, not from the outside. If I am looking for “vision” for my life by merely looking outside myself, for example, to something that catches my interest at any given moment, it may well not be genuinely a part of who a more fully authentic “vision” for me to connect to and walk out in my life.

Temperament also plays into the equation… if I do not know my temperament weakness and strengths, I can be easily influenced.  For example, a Sanguine can get real excited about something and 5 minutes later simply move on to the next thing that grabs their attention.

History may also be speaking to me through broken childhood scripts, and vows, for example. “I never want to be poor because my parents were. ” I may become “driven” to make alot of money as a result, and confuse that drive with a genuine vision for my life that may have nothing to do with that aspect as it can be a false motivator.

Taking thoughts, feelings and emotions captive is another aspect that if self-awareness is not realized, I can easily trip up in a thousand ways.  I may “feel” like this is it, and it may not be, it may just be a feeling.  Or, I may see genuine vision before me, and disqualify myself telling myself that I can’t do that. And, as a man thinks in his heart SO HE IS.

One of the offsets to all this is accountability.  If you cultivate accountability in your life, solid counsel, such as a counselor, mentor, coach, you can develop more confidence in decision making and not leaning only on your own understanding. This requires humbling yourself.

Some crucial elements of development of self awareness and heading towards establishing the genuine you, and discovering your why and purpose:

  1. Knowing your temperament strengths, weaknesses, and propensities.
  2. Taking your thoughts, feelings and emotions captive.
  3. Developing a spiritual life. Your “vision” DNA is found here.
  4. Expose childhood trauma, brokenness, and subsequent dysfunctional beliefs and patterns in your current life.
  5. Accountability – coaches, mentors, counselors, trusted more mature than myself friends.
  6. Humility.
  7. Learning to respond as opposed to reacting.
  8. Growing in discernment

At EIS, this is our heart and purpose.  Our desire is to see everyone we serve, become all they are intended to be, and fulfill their purpose in life.

Bill Hoffman/Canva Pro/ Quotes from: Jordan Peterson, David Trementozzi, Ashley Kate Lazarides





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