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I am not one to recommend books flippantly. It is not because there aren’t any great books out there on so many wonderful, useful subjects because there are. It’s not because I am an expert who knows more than these books have to offer, because I’m not. It is because I find some individuals who dive into the reading material, highlight and even memorize the lines carefully, go on to engage in thought provoking conversations and end it there. They have the head knowledge. It is one thing to know and it’s quite another to experience. That is the difference between reading a book versus living out the message of the book. What is lacking is the experiential understanding; the action part of the journey. 

For whatever reason the crucial work is not attempted. Perhaps you believe it is too much work or  you might be fearful of the ‘discovery’ you will encounter. You think it’s best to leave sleeping dogs lying. Often, your hunch is correct and the “stuff” buried is pretty ugly, painful and scary. You may think it’s best to tack a “do not disturb” sign on the lid; leave well enough alone. I find that this approach is never without its consequences. As much as you desire to believe it is innocuous and harmless under wraps, it isn’t.  It often has its own live electrical energy that could be wreaking havoc in your thoughts, will and emotions, causing more harm than good for you and your relationships. All may remain awry without any true understanding of the driving forces and a process to heal.

Imagine finding a treasure map, navigating the course to reach the “X” and then just anchoring down in front of the area. You might camp out there; not lift one finger to retrieve the treasure chest and utilize the goods. You read about all about the riches it contains and how it could change your life yet not one finger is lifted to retrieve the treasure chest and utilize its riches.  It makes no sense. The better course to better living is to do the work. That involves seeking the “why” you do ( or don’t do) what you are doing. This new understanding opens up a lane to finding healthier ways to satisfy your needs. That is what the process is all about. It’s working out the issues that are causing dysfunctions, fears, discontentment, arguments and unmet needs. You can, with guidance, find those treasures within you and help you discover the freedom of living them out in your life.

EIS Counselor: Anita Arrunategui/ Images: Canva Pro



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