Know Yourself from the Inside with Anita Arrunategui

Does it sometimes feel like you are a “Dr. Jekyll/Mr.Hyde” dichotomy? In one instance, you will say yes to an event and when it comes around you wonder why you ever agreed to attend. Do you sometimes want to steer away from some people for “no apparent reason” and yet embrace others?

The answers for some of these differing needs lie within our individual blended temperament categories; many people are blended. This means you have different types (often all three categories) and so the characteristics are different and sometimes quite contradictory.  A person can be quite “shy” and reserved with their surface relationships and be very flamboyant and have a high need for that affection to be reciprocated in their deep relationships. You may experience an unconscious shift within when being with those closer to you and those not as close. 

Also, within the temperament categories themselves are individual wants and the expression of those wants. There is also the desired degree of wanting others to approach you versus wanting to make the moves in terms of relating. Some of the temperaments such as Melancholy, Sanguine and Phlegmatic exhibit direct behavior in this area. They express what they want. Pretty straight forward. However, both the Choleric and the Supine have indirect behaviors, so you are not aware of their desires. We haven’t even touched on the infamous “Sanguine Swing”.

This may all sound very complicated but with a trained temperament counselor, it isn’t. Our job as temperament counselors is to show you where a certain inborn need is coming from and within which contexts of your life and why it’s showing up either as a strength or a weakness. This vital information can change how a person feels about themselves (accepting who they are), relieve some of the confusion of why their reactions sometimes seem bipolar and help pave the way to find healthier, more satisfying solutions to some of the needs presented. 

The bottom line is knowing your exact makeup and then utilizing your unique characteristic as a launchpad into a more fulfilled life. Having this self awareness through knowing your temperament fosters self acceptance. There is nothing wrong with you, but it is just how you are wired. Your wiring is set to facilitate your calling and purpose for your individual life.

If you would like to benefit from knowing your unique temperament and find ways to improve your relationships, business and overall life responses and decisions please contact I’d love to work with you!

Anita Arrunategui/Canva Pro



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