Catch the Wind with Anita Arrunategui

From the shore I could see the majesty of it. Peace and tranquillity flooded my insides as I gazed on the beautiful white sails. They had captured the wind so eloquently. They stood at varying heights and the main one seemed to almost reach the cumulus cloud hovering above. I was mesmerized and almost jealous. The experience of sailing is a bucket list dream somewhere sandwiched between a sun blinding day on the slopes and a paddle board cruise into the sunset. All doable. Attainable.

Then the wind was kicking up as a hurricane threatened upon the coastal waterway. I was fortunate enough to spot a rather grand sailboat coming in from the main waterway. It was so close I could see the ropes dangling from the sails and the hands that held them tight. I sensed the driver’s distress as he captured what he could to harness and navigate the vessel to the shore. It was daunting to say the least and I was sure if it would capsize right there in front of me. His muscular arms and steady hands gripped tight. You could almost see the wheels in his mind calculating each step to the success of reaching dry land. Inside, in silence I cheered him on. All at once the wind died down for a quick second and he maneuvered the vessel and his family to safety. Whew! Not experiencing any feeling of jealousy now!

How I really wanted to run to him and congratulate his bravery and beautiful execution of skill that day. I wondered if he recovered from the fear of failing that day? Did he berate himself for taking the family out that unusually windy morning? Under my breath I prayed that he would be given the recognition for his feat. I know he didn’t see me. I know he didn’t know I had taken notice. I do know that my words, although may not have reached his ears, penetrated the atmosphere that day. In the bible there is a passage that says, “…comfort each other and edify one another…”

If I learned anything that day it is to give recognition where it is due, never judging until you yourself walk in that person’s space. What looked so peaceful and easy required training, time, treasure and thought to achieve. Are you willing to give all you have to reach your potential? Face it; achieving your goals does not just happen. They take intentionality, initiative, and money; it’s a sacrifice, a determination and a mindset to follow through. It’s also dying to yourself, (your pride, ego, etc). As Bill always says, “It’s a good day to die…”

Anita Arrunategui/Canva Pro


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