A New Space with Anita Arrunategui

My husband and I moved so many times. From Bedford Stuyvesant  to Canarsie then over to Cranford NJ. We moved from several apartments to a house; from small to really really big and then back to downsizing. It’s been quite a ride. Sure, there is the excitement of dreams realized and visions fulfilled with each move. And yes, a few disappointments along the way. However, let’s not forget the prep work involved in the move. That is where all our focus and energy resides in order to complete the journey.  Decisions need to be made. Items that no longer serve us or fit with our new living space need to be discarded and new pieces are added.

We may grieve over having to leave a home with its special memories; we may anguish over parting with an item that served us well but now it doesn’t. We dispose of broken toys and unnecessary things that never fit, never matched and never worked well. We grieve change, we grieve choices and we even could grieve the process. Whew! It can be quite exhausting yet very cathartic! 

Equate the illustration above with what EIS is all about. It is going from a space that may not serve our needs well to one that fits just right. The process involves one’s realization that their present conditions can be improved by moving into a new, healthier space. It involves self awareness through temperament testing which leads the charge to finding one’s authentic self. So Instead of moving into the future by shoving things into boxes and them falling apart when you try to move them, they can, with the guidance of a counselor, unpack the strengths and weaknesses together. As the broken parts are uncovered, healing is then possible. It is the feel, deal, heal formula that brings results. The negative toxic reactions such as contempt, anger, bitterness, denial and unforgiveness can be  bundled up and disposed of.

This can not happen unless one is engaged in the steps of healing. It involves first exploring past hurts and feeling today what one should have felt at the time of the infraction. Then it is processing the reactions to those hurtful events. The processing involves dealing with the pain, the injustices, the losses. It affords you the opportunity to connect your present issues with past hurts to make sense of why you are where you are today emotionally. Lastly, you are then free to surrender the expectations and debt you were owed because of them. You no longer need to hold on to them because you have found a healthier, better way of getting your needs met. Then once the debt is cancelled, it is absolved and you can be set free.

If you desire to cross the threshold to a better space, follow the process. It’s a journey worth pursuing. 

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