Do Things that Get You Where You Want to Go! – With Bill Hoffman


In order to figure out what these things might be… you have to answer the question… “where do I want to go?” Do you want to “go” to a place of making healthy choices?  To a place of things moving you forward in life and out of backwards movement cycles? If so, then you will likely need to make some adjustments that “help get you where you want to go.

You have probably heard the definition of insanity… “doing the same things over and over expecting different results.”  I can’t tell you how many people come in for advice that are literally doing these things, and wondering why they can’t reach their goals, etc.  Or why they keep failing in relationships. They keep doing the same things… but maybe harder with more intensity!  Doing more of what does’t work!  One of the main ways to counteract this movement is accountability.

Accountability, as just one of the necessary disciplines that will help you, is crucial in asking for advise, BEFORE you do something.  Not simply “reporting” it or “checking in” later, after the fact.  It’s amazing how many people believe that accountability means that! That is known in certain circles, as “sin management”! Or… managing your destructive, unhealthy patterns of behavior to “cope and hope” that it won’t do the same undesirable thing it’s always done! INSANITY!


What CAN work, however, is implementing some simple disciplines that are part of a life process of perpetual change and growth. (Some are shown in the graphic above). It’s about journeying well, not getting to a destination, for example, of “success”.  Success will be illusive if it’s your destination.  Living successfully or even more importantly,  living prosperously, is the goal. Where your inner self is genuine, you have character, integrity, accountability, and have also found some inner healing of old scripts that keep you cycling in areas like codependency, trauma bonding, etc.

The Process can help.  At EIS we help you as a complete human being.  We understand that it’s more than just “fixing up” a few areas in  life, but it’s more about a paradigm of life transformation on a perpetual basis… continued growth and maturity on the journey called life.

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