Collecting and Connecting the “Dots” – With Bill Hoffman

In a conversation the other day, someone said “we need to collect, and connect the dots.” I had never heard it that way.  I have always said we need to “connect” the dots in our lives, as in; my past, my temperament, my thoughts, etc. to help me take responsibility and understand why I do the things I do, think the way I do, etc.

But “collecting” the dots is necessary for me to connect them… perpetually. How do I do this?

Self awareness, journaling, taking my thoughts captive, being accountable, being responsible, are all mechanisms that we can employ to help us collect the dots, the pieces of my life and how I live it, and respond to it, that make up the mosaic of my world.

While writing this I also say this through another lens. The lens of the mysterious, complex, but accessible, plan that God has for my life. Kind of how the picture above depicts it.  The dreams, the goals, the thoughts that I engage in that help me dream and envision things in life… things that I am passionate about, vision, callings, aspirations, and so on.

How these two areas dovetail, is that without collecting the dots of my broken past, and re-connecting them they way they were intended, I will have a hard time realizing the things that God has placed in me.  They will prohibit me from getting there through codependencies, building walls, hiding, pride, deflection, shirking responsibility, self victimization, etc.  These areas of dysfunction can and will prevent me from becoming all I was intended to be. Namely, the real, authentic, genuine me.  That person can then connect the dots that lead to the healthy lifestyle that makes way for the passions and dreams of our hearts to come into reach.

You may have read Anita’s writings lately in these posts.  She  articulates her own journey. The choices she has made have led her right to where she is today, as an example.  She has perpetually “collected” the dots of her life experiences, and has learned to connect them in a way that brings freedom and prosperity in her own life, marriage and outward expressions, in her work.

You can do the same… so pick up a “dot collectors bag”, head out in a process that will allow you to collect and connect the dots that can lead you to freedom to be and become the authentic you

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