Getting Ahead – With Bill Hoffman

Just about everybody wants to “get ahead” in life. Get ahead in terms of advancement in their careers or business; get ahead on terms of their finances; get ahead of their to-do lists, and on and on. Many times, getting ahead may be reduced to “keeping up with” in our world today. There is always so much to do, and a dollar certainly does not go nearly as far as it used to in days gone by.

So how can we “get ahead” then? We need to “get started!”

Many times, the getting started aspect is the intimidating part. There are a number of hurdles to consider:

  • Temperament propensities
  • Upbringing environment
  • Childhood scripts
  • Undisciplined thought life
  • Faulty belief systems
  • Being identified by past failures
  • Not knowing our why, and subsequent purpose
  • Bad choices and decisions on career
  • Living out of a false self
  • Bad habits
  • Procrastination

The list can go on and on. But there indeed is a way to attack all these areas and more. The first step in getting started may be to get started working on all these issues! If you try and “get ahead” in life and don’t get started “doing the work” of self discovery and self awareness, you will be “putting the cart before the horse.” It won’t get you very far.

One of the simplest pieces of advice I give people is: “Stop doing things that don’t get you where you want to go… start doing things that get you where you want to go.” Or… “Put the horse in front of the cart.” But how do we do that?

It all starts with us and self awareness. If we do not know who we are, our value, our gifts, our talents, how we fit into the world around us, we will inevitably hit road blocks and barriers that seem to disqualify us. Maybe if I started doing things from the inside out, instead of outside in, I can get where I want to go. Meaning, if I think that what I do in life will give me my why and purpose, and subsequent value, I am looking for value from what I do, not who I am. What I need to do, is do the work to discover who I am, my intrinsic value, and unconditionally love myself.

In chapter three of my book, The Process, I write,

” An authentic self operates energetically from a wellspring of unconditional love. When this love is fully active, a person feels interconnected, operates in integrity, and experiences peace, harmony, and understanding, in all areas.”

the process

You can begin to “love every version of yourself”. Not just the ones that seem good, or successful. When I was a drunk here in California 45 years ago, the drunk ‘version” of me was just as valuable as the “version” of who I am now. In fact, without that “version” of me, the current version of me would not exist! I was still “working on my testimony!”

So, when you get started doing the work, you can actually get where you want to go if you persevere. Barriers and roadblocks become opportunities to learn and mature, failures become stepping stones, self self hatred turns to self acceptance, realizing I am just like everyone else. It’s my perceptions and expectations that need adjusting. Once that focus becomes clearer, it’s easier to “get started”!

Bill Hoffman/ Graphics by Canva


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